Contributors – Thank You –

Contributors For  Mission–2012 – 2014 The  Restore The Jersey Shore – Lavallette School

St Pius X School-  Vision- Chiusolo, Gerard – Dostal, Bruce & LouAnn – LeClair-Ryan -Todd M. Galante, Esq. – Letson Contracting Inc. –Tom Letson-Petruzella, Joanne, Christine-Smith, David & Diana Smith (PPAG) –Stark & Stark- Denise  M. Mariani, Esq.-Stefanelli.Com LLC-Stefanelli, Cesare & Valerie-Stefanelli, Lenny, Lisa, Leonardo, Dante, Luca-Stonebridge Title Services Inc.-Trinity Academy- UBS Bank-Hanley, William- Urso, Janet & Joe – Vision Construction Group Inc- Classic Title Services- David Schechner, Esq. -Title Strategies- Stonebridge Film The Story Teller LLC- The Servitto’s – Law Firm of James Dezao- Leornard Mascia-  Janet Urso and Joe Urso-  Essex County Legal Professional Association- Special Thanks to Godday. COM  Customer Service Representative  Chance Chancellor!                


Contributors For  Mission–2019  Restore – Beautification of beach Enterences – The Jersey Shore – Lavallette School

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